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Character Analytic Body Psychotherapy has been practiced in Finland for over twenty years.

The European Association of Psychotherapy has accredited Character Analytic Body Psychotherapy (=character analytic vegetotherapy) as a scientifically valid psychotherapy method.

In psychotherapy you will be heard. In Body Psychotherapy, the total expression of a person will be taken into account. Our bodies communicate information and experience from beyond words and consciousness. The body's state expresses the state of the mind, and vice versa. The more we are in harmony with ourselves, the better we can use our innate resources for work, love, play and knowledge.

Character Analytic Body Psychotherapy is a psychotherapeutic method based on psychoanalysis and Wilhelm Reich's life work. Reich was a student of Sigmund Freud and one of the early developers of psychoanalysis.

Character Analytic Body Psychotherapy is one of the oldest modes of psychotherapy and the origin of all modalities in Body Psychotherapy.